So Delicious

National Campaign
Orchard Creative
Role: Senior Art Director
More than 80% of American households have ice cream in their freezer—but only a fraction of those (~11%) are dairy-free offerings. Why? Many consumers believe that dairy-free alternatives just don't stack up to traditional dairy frozen desserts.

So Delicious Dairy Free, an expert in the art of non-dairy desserts came to us with the hope of convincing traditional households into trying the dairy-free side of life.

The result was a series of crave-inducing videos highlighting their rich and creamy dessert suite. Through mesmerizing imagery, a hypnotic voiceover, and absorbing custom sound, our aim with this campaign was to playfully hypnotize people into opening their minds to trying So Delicious’ suite of dairy free desserts. Dairy Free Your Mind.

Contributing Skills  |  Art Direction, Design, Concept, Music Supervision
Team  |  Jeff Kling, Christine Taffe, Alex Nguyen, Garrett Crosby, Woodshop Studios