We partnered with mobile gaming company Supercell to release their newest game, Hay Day Pop. The Hay Day Pop universe is an utterly pleasant place where there are no stressors and it is always golden hour. It’s a game you play to relax, unwind and escape the grind of daily life. We created these launch videos for viewers to get an inside look at the game’s bucolic world and all of it’s pleasantries. When ideating on how to introduce the game’s main character Mavis, I stumbled on Dolly Parton’s River of Happiness and knew it was the perfect soundtrack for her debut. Hay Day Pop: Pour sunshine directly on your brain.
Role: Senior Art Director
Skills: Art Direction, Concept, Storyboarding, Animation Supervision
Client: Supercell / HayDayPop
Agency: Orchard Creative
Animation Studio: Lobo
Animation Director: Mateus De Paula Satos
Chief Creative Director: Jeff Kling
Copywriter: Aaron Araya 
Sound Design: New Math